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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To ensure high standards of education in the field of health and social sciences, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, through an effective, consistent and innovative setup of quality enhancement mechanism, at KMU.

Mission Statement

To enhance, promote and sustain the quality of university’s educational programs to the highest standards at the national, regional and international levels through effective policies, based on informed decisions, continuous monitoring and controlling measures.


1. Implementing the “system of self assessment” laid down by Higher Education Commission to bring consistency in the evaluation system of the institutions imparting medical education throughout the country.
2. Setting up of a system involving the stakeholders to seek evidence based information to facilitate and strengthen the capacity of institutions to offer quality education.
3. Effective use of Quality Assurance processes for the assessment of the performance of the faculty, quality / relevance of the courses / programs offered.
4. To set standards in terms of knowledge, skills and attributes a student develops on completing a specific program.
5. Enhancing the standardization of examination system by introducing innovative, reliable and transparent mechanisms in theory as well as practical assessments, pivoted around Task Oriented Assessment of Clinical Skills (TOACS), Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) through concerted efforts at the national Level.
6. Seeking collaboration in various fields of common interest with local and international bodies.