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QEC Seminar on Online Teacher Evaluation and Turnitin usage (24-11-2021)

QEC KMU arranged a seminar on Online Teacher Evaluation and Turnitin usage. Ms. Asiyah Bukhari, Director QEC shared the inaugural remarks and purpose of the seminar. Mr. Sahir Atiq, Deputy Director QEC shared a detailed presentation and discussed practical steps for using the KMU Online faculty and students portal after facing difficulty by some of the faculty members of KMU. In the seminar, issues of the students were also shared while evaluating their teachers in every semester. Later on, faculty was guided on the use of Turnitin after receiving complaints from some students. The seminar was attended physically by focal persons of QEC and faculty members at Peshawar while faculty outside Peshawar attended through Zoon online. All the faculty appreciated the role of QEC in guiding the faculty and bringing up the positive name of KMU nationally and internationally.